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mindful movement & meditation to avoid burnout


Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy

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I offer therapeutic yoga for caregivers whose chronic pain, stress, or fatigue is leading them toward burnout. Here you can:

  • learn practical ways to relieve your chronic pain, stress, and fatigue with mindful movement, breathing, and meditation.

  • get realtime, personalized feedback and recommendations for your holistic wellness.

  • attend small group classes or schedule private appointments that fit your busy schedule and focus on making the most efficient use of your precious time for self-care.

Get Your Yoga Therapy

My goal for you: Feel seen. Feel heard. Feel better.

In-Person Yoga Therapy Packages

book appointments to fit your schedule

Virtual Yoga Therapy


book appointments from home

Yogi Book Club

free community group of like-minded souls

Coming in 2024!

Ideas for You

A collection of my favorite "how-to" ideas for you!


what it is & what it isn't

Meditation practices are simply exercises to teach the mind how to slow down the train of thought and focus.

Mindfulness practices are designed to build up our ability to actually pay attention to life as it happens so we don’t miss great experiences in our rush through our days.

And here are some of my favorite ways to meditate.


4 Things I wish I'd Known When I Started Yoga

If I had known these four things about yoga, I sure would have saved myself a lot of wasted time and energy.

Despite most marketing efforts to simplify this sophisticated tradition in order to pique our Western interest, the yoga pool is actually much deeper than it may appear on the surface.

Here are some of the things I wish I knew when I stepped into my first yoga class.


For the love of Savasana! Are you missing the point of yoga?

Yoga can increase muscle flexibility, strength and tone... help balance your metabolism and contribute to weight loss... prevent injury... relieve chronic pain and the effects of chronic stress and anxiety.

But wait! There's more!

Are you missing the best part of what yoga can do for you?


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